News: PS5 Early Pre-orders Offered To The Lucky Few

ps5It’s the end of August and we’re still no wiser on the cost of next-gen consoles, the exact date they will be available for sale, and we can’t even go in blind and pre-order the console of our choice to give us peace of mind come launch day.


You can now register your PSN ID for the chance of “being one of the first to pre-order your PS5 console from Playstation.”

However, there are a few caveats that come with this opportunity:

  • You have to be located in the US. You can still enter your PSN ID and be eligible to pre-order a PS5 even if you’re not, as long as your order is being shipped to a US address. If you input anything but a US based address, your order will be cancelled.
  • Criteria for selection is “based on previous interests and PlayStation activities.” Whatever that means.
  • You are limited to pre-ordering one console. You can’t order a standard console alongside a digital console.

Other PS5 Products will be available for pre-order in limited quantities. These “will be open to the general public for pre-order” as well. So, you might not be lucky enough to nab an email invitation to pre-order the console itself, but you can go wild hitting refresh on those PS5 media remotes.

Here’s everything you can pre-order when Sony sends out those emails:

1 PS5 Console or 1 PS5 Digital Edition
2 DualSense wireless controllers
2 DualSense charging stations
2 Pulse 3D wireless headsets
2 Media remotes
2 HD Cameras

Compared to the PS4’s pre-order window of nine months(!) in advance of release, this all seems a bit contrived, doesn’t it?

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