News: A DC Podcast Universe is Launching, More Batman Unburied Details

DC Comics and Warner Bros are planning multiple scripted superhero podcasts exclusive to the audio streaming service Spotify. Confirmed characters include Batman, Superman, Lois Lane, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Katana, The Riddler, and Batgirl.

Announced during Spotify’s Feb. 22 Stream On presentation, DC chief creative officer Jim Lee states that “This is a long-term partnership between Warner Bros., DC and Spotify,”

Launching later this year, the previously announced Batman Unburied will be the first podcast released in this new line of DC stories. David S. Goyer serves as creator and executive producer. In the presentation he explains that the series will be “a deep dive into Batman’s unconscious mind, into his dream state,” and that by using surround sound, the podcast will create “nightmarish results.”

Batman fans will be familiar with Goyer’s work, having previously co-wrote the character for Christopher Nolan’s massively influential Dark Knight trilogy, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Goyer has also worked on other DC superhero projects including Man of Steel, and the Krypton and Constantine TV Series’. It seems Batman’s cape is in good hands (as long as you can gloss over the Ghostrider: Spirit of Vengeance script that Goyer also co-wrote).

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