Examples of My Extremely Passable Work

I’ve been as busy as I can be writing freelance content these past six months, on top of a full-time job and part-time University study. I’ve been learning quite a bit, and wanted to highlight the best of my content, because every post on this blog was made to get my foot in the door, and doesn’t reflect how I write today.

My foot is precariously jammed in that door, but I refuse to move it no matter how damn tired it gets. I owe this drowsy-foot status to these few posts, so I won’t delete them. They got me my first freelance gig at WhatCulture, which got me Author status at KeenGamer. The latter of which has been a huge reason why my work has improved to meet SEO and formatting standards in the industry.

For a better reflection of my writing skills, here is a selection of my most-viewed articles, and examples of my varied content:

Guide Fortnite: How to Craft All 6 Mechanical and Primal Bows

Guide Resident Evil Village: All Window Locations Guide to Get Hooligan Trophy or Achievement

Game Review Returnal Review: Death Becomes Her

TV ReviewYoung Rock Episode 1 Review: 4 Ups & 3 Downs

News Everything Revealed at the Horizon Forbidden West State of Play

News Daymare 1994: Sandcastle Announced For a 2022 Release

List The 10 Best Movies on Shudder

List 10 Horror Podcasts Everyone Needs To Listen To

Tech GuideXbox One: 10 Best Tips & Tricks You Must Try

Tech GuideHow to Transfer PS4 and PS5 Games to an External Hard Drive

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