List: 10 Things We Would Love to See in Netflix’s Resident Evil Series


Resident Evil fans have it good right now. A couple of recent critically acclaimed games under Capcom’s belt, another two games that we know of in development and now a TV show is in the works at Netflix.

Andrew Dabb (best known for his work on the TV show Supernatural) will be the showrunner on the hour-long eight-episode series. Dabb said Resident Evil is his favourite game of all time, and that we will see ‘a lot of old friends’.

The show is set in two separate time lines, one before a zombie apocalypse, one during, and will follow brand-spanking-new character Jade Wesker’s story throughout both. The show has the same production company as the movies, but is going to be set in its own universe.

The Netflix show could turn out to be terrible, but it would be stupid to judge it this early on, and not a lot of fun, so let’s throw a list of wishes at the wall and hope a couple stick!

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